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More butterflies

I had fun doing the butterfly for my Mum last week but felt that it was a bit boring and could be better, still not got there with these two but happier about the colouring and look.

the quest for the perfect butterfly will continue but I think these are improving


Mum’s holiday

Every year Mum and me go to the Knitting and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace, Mum calls it her holiday. Here’s the my haul for this year 🙂

Anyone noticed my button addiction, these beauties are destined for knitted necklaces I think.

Okay so I was impatient, this was 3 balls of the softest feel, gentlest marl grey alpaca yarn which just had to be knitted first, it told me to buy it and knit it straight away honest.

Kit for a beautiful flat spiral, knitted in wire with antique looking crystal beads, yum

I am determined to find a use for these beautiful threads, faerie hair or some such I think

and finally bought the chart for this beautiful design to be done in these threads

My mother and her requests!

You may remember my mum asking me to do her the tiny cross stitched rose key ring a bit back, well she came up with another request this week, a pastel blue blinged up butterfly Christmas tree decoration, not too big please!

Okay challenge accepted mummy dear here we go.

Standard cotton reel for scale

and a close up of the wing, nothing fancy in the knitted bead work but I’m happy with it.

please excuse the naff photography but hubby was busy 🙂

Someone else’s needlework

Okay so something some of you may not know is that I love tattoos, there are some amazing artists out there doing some amazing work. Yes there are ones that I think are rubbish too but it’s each to their own. I have a few tattoos myself and all mine have very deep meanings to me not just a fancied thing. I’ve been planning this arm piece for about two years now and finally got round to getting it done, wonderful hubby got me it for my birthday present.

I realise there are people who know me who might think tattoos are a bad thing in general.I would appreciate it if they would trust me that I thought and prayed long and hard before I every had a tattoo done and if you want to discuss it with me please do, face to face.


okay so in my mad dash to give the presents I made I forgot to take photo’s of most of them, not too good at this blogging malarky. I did remember to get a shot of the bracelet I made for a friend, it’s another in the Woodland theme so very similar to my other ones, but I added some berry coloured buttons this time for and Autumn feel. I love the colours at this time of year, such a variety, bright but with that soft muted edge that comes with the fading light.

Crotchet has always been a weird craft for me, I enjoy doing it but there’s little of the finished items I see that inspire me to make them or anything like them. I love the fabric it makes but I think it better suits throws and shawls rather than garments. I have a very nostalgic memory of my mother crocheting in winter to use up yarn scraps. She never really new how to follow a crotchet pattern but did now a few basic stitches. She would make the biggest Granny squares ever, big enough of a bed spread. She always started off doing it correctly but always ended up almost crotchet in the round, just an endless spiral of what I think English terms call shell stitch. So since Autumn is here I thought I would follow in my mother’s footstep and started a blanket. Please forgive my tension on this one, I’ve paid no heed to the weight of yarn I’ve used just the colours, which obvioulsly effects tension.

This is far from finished but wanted to share with folks as progress goes along.

birthdays everywhere!

So I have no pictures of anything I’ve been working on this week, as everything is for people’s birthdays that are coming up this month. Things will be photographed and revealed after the many birthdays happen, wouldn’t want anyone to see their pressie in advance.

So I thought I’d share with people another current obsession I have with Pinterest. I love been able to remind myself of the many wonderful and inspiring things there are in the world.
Here are my boards, hope you enjoy. 🙂

Faerie’s first trip outside

So my first Faerie is finally finished, I think. I could be tempted to do more but I think it would be over doing it.

I can see things I think went a bit off, the colour scheme is too similar, her hair doesn’t show so well against her wings and nothing really pops. There are techniques that need working on to, some seaming shows more than I wanted it to but over all I’m pleased.

resting after a long afternoon photo shoot 😉

couldn’t resist one last pose

more drawing

while we were away I braved the pencils again and came up with this,

hopefully it bares some resemblance to the wonderful Clyde, I was working from a picture of a random cat and memory

so I missed another week but I have a good reason

Hubby surprised me with a few days away in the Lake District for our wedding anniversary, I didn’t think he was even going to be on holiday, so special. We climbed/walked up Skiddaw and Helvellyn

Derwent Water and Keswick from the top of Skiddaw.

Helvellyn was a little different, it rained!

and rained

here is a weir towards the base of the mountain before we set off

and on the way down

needless to say we didn’t quite make the top.
recharged the batteries though

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