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Spring may have sprung!


So I haven’t been here for a while but there are long and frankly boring reasons and one exciting one. After much deliberation I am leaving my office job to focus on my therapies and creative life. I know there’s not much to show on here but I feel there is a creative aspect to my life that I can make part of my living from. I thought it would be a year or two from now, when all our boys where through university but other things have happened, the boring stuff mentioned, and I seem to being pushed, non too gently, so the time is now, well in a month or two.
Any way not that much creative stuff has happened as a result but here’s what has happened…….

Glove number two has progressed a little


The lower part is knit as if on straight needles, then the whole thing is joined to knit in the round, I’ll show you that soon.

Then there is the first if what I hope to be many little card ideas……..

Next, continuing my button obsession, I made this………


I found these brooch findings that I think are designed to fasten fabric or felt items to a brooch backing but they work so well for stitching buttons too. I used plain sewing thread and then glue gunned over the back of the finished piece to strengthen the thread.


There are other things on the go at the moment but I wanted to get back into the swing of regular posting and some things are gifts for people who might come here so can’t be shown till they are completed.

Oh and Roxy the cat would like to say



up and running again….part 2

So creatively things slowed up over Christmas, too many people to spend treasured time with.Things got cold, weather wise round here and along with cold weather comes cold feet.¬† This is a thing to be remedied with great haste, so no “making” photo’s were taken before these babies hit my feet


Ah toastiness restored ūüôā

My creative butterfly wants spring to come she’s getting bored of this Winter cocoon and therefore has been distracting my eye to wonderful wooly new things to have a try at.¬† As a result more sharp pointy things have arrived at my house,


Believe me these things are sharp, I’ve had one or two near misses and they really smarted, dread to think what damage I may do to myself one day.¬† These are dry felting needles and great fun.¬† I wanted to just play with them, get a feel for them so just practicing with them I took some carded fleece


and ready made felt scrap that I had and made just a random shape to see how the materials behaved


I want to add beads or buttons to lift this a bit but I can really see potential in working with this technique.

Next I  played about with working in 3D.  I had no idea where I was going to with this,  like a child with a new toy I wanted to make something, anything, so I took more carded fleece,


made an initial shape, out of focus of course


Added more fleece to describe some sort of hair or fur


then added little bits here and there as they looked right.¬† He’s very rough as I only spent about 2 hours on him and he was my first creature, but I think the final look is a bit long haired Guinea pig.

IMGP1238 IMGP1237 IMGP1236

I can see this getting addictive.¬† I actually need to do something organised with all this.¬† I the idea is to exercise my creative muscle, which this does, but also to make things that can be sold.¬† I have “made” things¬† all my life but only recently started to realise that I have the knowledge and creativity to do more than copy and follow.¬† Got to get me some discipline, anyone know where the sell it or is there a knitting pattern I can follow ūüėČ

Christmas post

Sorry I’m late with this but with boys arriving home from the far corners of the country and the count down to Christmas starting in our house there has been little time to find the computer.¬† Christmas making has still been happening, I’m not the worlds most creative card maker but had fun running these up for some friends.


Then there was the secret Santa pressie for a great friend at one of my jobs. ¬†There’s a bit of a tradition that I always make at least part of my gift. ¬†However this year my recipient was male and therefore a little harder knit for. ¬†I knew he’d been given knitted gifts recently for his birthday so I decided to branch out a little and created this star for a Star guy!


It’s done with ceramic pen on a standard mug, doesn’t need baking at all and reasonably¬†permanent. ¬†I’ve done this style of doodling before and was pleased with how it turned out. ¬†It’s not as smooth as I’d like in places as the pen kept blocking but it was fun to do.

Of course no week would be complete without some knitting so the first of one of a pair of fingerless gloves was completed.


¬†The colours are thanks to a wonderful sock yarn. ¬†I love the colours in some of these yarns and often think it’s a shame that it so often goes unseen inside shoes. ¬†I’m having a lot of fun recently knitting small¬†accessory¬†items rather than full garments, odd as I often used to think they were too much faff and love the¬†rhythmic nature of knitting a large piece. ¬†As I’ve said before I’m a real butterfly trying to be true to my nature and learning to¬†embrace it. ¬†I love how creativity helps me to keep growing and learning about myself. ¬†When I was younger I thought I’d have all that settled by now but now I’m here I’m so glad I am still evolving. ¬†

Wishing you a blessed, peaceful, busy, relaxed Christmas/Solstice/Holiday time however you want to think of this magical time of year ūüôā¬†


different type of butterfly

Sorry if you were thinking there’d be yet more knitted flutterbys, this week it’s my mind that’s been flitting from flower to flower. I really do have a butterfly brain and for many years felt bad about the number of ongoing projects I had. I thought I should settle down to one “passion” and concentrate on that but with 49 years under my belt I have finally come to terms with having many projects on the go and feeling happy about it. Obviously some things are faster to the finish than others, small projects are faster to do than the large ones, which I pick up and put down, but that is the beauty of being me, no matter my mood there is always something creative I want to be doing and probably have on the go. so this week I’ve ………

…done a bit of crotchet, our bed is a little over 6ft square so there’s a long way to go yet,

…bought a new toy, I love my lap (fanny) frame but for bigger pieces it just can’t take the weight of the frame, so when some free cash came into my purse this beauty was bought. It still sits on my lap, the case has a bean bag thingie in it so it stays still, but it lets me work on larger pieces without having to disappear to the kitchen to use the dining table as a place to stand my frame on,

…did some work on a cross stitch design I’ve had for ages. When I first bought this the whole mock tribal thing hadn’t really started. I guess it looks a bit cliche now but I like it and working such a sparse design is fun,

….looked out of the window. With one son, probably, left home for good I now finally have a room to dedicate to my creative loves and for treatments (I’m an aromatherapist and do occasional treatments from home). This is the view from the room I have claimed, shame I didn’t have the camera when I first looked out as there was a breeze blowing and it lifted all the fallen leaves into the air, for just a second it looked like golden snow. I love all the seasons but really love the change over times so I guess Spring and Autumn are my happiest times.

Mum’s holiday

Every year Mum and me go to the Knitting and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace, Mum calls it her holiday. Here’s the my haul for this year ūüôā

Anyone noticed my button addiction, these beauties are destined for knitted necklaces I think.

Okay so I was impatient, this was 3 balls of the softest feel, gentlest marl grey alpaca yarn which just had to be knitted first, it told me to buy it and knit it straight away honest.

Kit for a beautiful flat spiral, knitted in wire with antique looking crystal beads, yum

I am determined to find a use for these beautiful threads, faerie hair or some such I think

and finally bought the chart for this beautiful design to be done in these threads


okay so in my mad dash to give the presents I made I forgot to take photo’s of most of them, not too good at this blogging malarky. I did remember to get a shot of the bracelet I made for a friend, it’s another in the Woodland theme so very similar to my other ones, but I added some berry coloured buttons this time for and Autumn feel. I love the colours at this time of year, such a variety, bright but with that soft muted edge that comes with the fading light.

Crotchet has always been a weird craft for me, I enjoy doing it but there’s little of the finished items I see that inspire me to make them or anything like them. I love the fabric it makes but I think it better suits throws and shawls rather than garments. I have a very nostalgic memory of my mother crocheting in winter to use up yarn scraps. She never really new how to follow a crotchet pattern but did now a few basic stitches. She would make the biggest Granny squares ever, big enough of a bed spread. She always started off doing it correctly but always ended up almost crotchet in the round, just an endless spiral of what I think English terms call shell stitch. So since Autumn is here I thought I would follow in my mother’s footstep and started a blanket. Please forgive my tension on this one, I’ve paid no heed to the weight of yarn I’ve used just the colours, which obvioulsly effects tension.

This is far from finished but wanted to share with folks as progress goes along.

more drawing

while we were away I braved the pencils again and came up with this,

hopefully it bares some resemblance to the wonderful Clyde, I was working from a picture of a random cat and memory

Please be gentle with me… it’s my first time!

Okay this bit makes me nervous, I love drawing but always thought I was rubbish, my usual thing of I can copy okay but nothing original. This isn’t original in that I copied from a book, intending it as just a practice piece, but it’s the first drawing I’ve done in many years and I’m pleased with it.

Tuesday post haha

Okay so it’s Wednesday but I can plead technical error, couldn’t find the lead to connect the camera to the computer and a post with no pictures is not going to work. So my faerie has move on a little, various reasons, the hair takes an age to do and with hubby on holiday I’ve been involved with other fun. But here she is so far.

The pen is for scale

Here are her wings on their own,

These took an age to hand sew the wire onto the edges, especially since I chose too thick a wire to start with and had to unpick a whole wing!

Her first face was rather basic and a bit wobbly on the mouth so a little make over was needed and I’m happier with the face now.

I’ve also been playing with another new friend, please meet Melina

When she first came much of her face was bright pink, this picture doesn’t really show you the brightness

So this what you see in the first picture is my first attempt at new make up for her.

I also got her a new hair do, those that know me know my hair changes frequently so I thought it only fair Melina had an alternative hairdo too.

and with a new hair ornament

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