So hopefully bucking the trend I will begin by describing myself not what I do or who I parent. I’m a spiritual and creative soul, I can be passionate and fiery at times but more of an ice queen on my bad days. I love woodlands and bleak moors, extremes of weather and most of God’s wonderful creatures cats, horses, elephants, whales, chickens and owls being top of my list . A dear friend who describes personality types with colour says I’m purple, which is good as that’s my favourite colour and often the colour of my hair.
I’m happily married, for more years than I’m going to admit and have three grown and beautiful sons, three cats and a fluctuating number of chickens. I am an aromatherapist for my working life and I’m studying herbs, nutrition and raw foods.  I love knitting but I don’t remember ever learning to knit.  I’m told I was three when I first started!   I’ve done other crafts for many years, crotchet, art, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, spinning….. the list goes on but knitting is always my main love.