So creatively things slowed up over Christmas, too many people to spend treasured time with.Things got cold, weather wise round here and along with cold weather comes cold feet.  This is a thing to be remedied with great haste, so no “making” photo’s were taken before these babies hit my feet


Ah toastiness restored 🙂

My creative butterfly wants spring to come she’s getting bored of this Winter cocoon and therefore has been distracting my eye to wonderful wooly new things to have a try at.  As a result more sharp pointy things have arrived at my house,


Believe me these things are sharp, I’ve had one or two near misses and they really smarted, dread to think what damage I may do to myself one day.  These are dry felting needles and great fun.  I wanted to just play with them, get a feel for them so just practicing with them I took some carded fleece


and ready made felt scrap that I had and made just a random shape to see how the materials behaved


I want to add beads or buttons to lift this a bit but I can really see potential in working with this technique.

Next I  played about with working in 3D.  I had no idea where I was going to with this,  like a child with a new toy I wanted to make something, anything, so I took more carded fleece,


made an initial shape, out of focus of course


Added more fleece to describe some sort of hair or fur


then added little bits here and there as they looked right.  He’s very rough as I only spent about 2 hours on him and he was my first creature, but I think the final look is a bit long haired Guinea pig.

IMGP1238 IMGP1237 IMGP1236

I can see this getting addictive.  I actually need to do something organised with all this.  I the idea is to exercise my creative muscle, which this does, but also to make things that can be sold.  I have “made” things  all my life but only recently started to realise that I have the knowledge and creativity to do more than copy and follow.  Got to get me some discipline, anyone know where the sell it or is there a knitting pattern I can follow 😉