Sorry I’m late with this but with boys arriving home from the far corners of the country and the count down to Christmas starting in our house there has been little time to find the computer.  Christmas making has still been happening, I’m not the worlds most creative card maker but had fun running these up for some friends.


Then there was the secret Santa pressie for a great friend at one of my jobs.  There’s a bit of a tradition that I always make at least part of my gift.  However this year my recipient was male and therefore a little harder knit for.  I knew he’d been given knitted gifts recently for his birthday so I decided to branch out a little and created this star for a Star guy!


It’s done with ceramic pen on a standard mug, doesn’t need baking at all and reasonably permanent.  I’ve done this style of doodling before and was pleased with how it turned out.  It’s not as smooth as I’d like in places as the pen kept blocking but it was fun to do.

Of course no week would be complete without some knitting so the first of one of a pair of fingerless gloves was completed.


 The colours are thanks to a wonderful sock yarn.  I love the colours in some of these yarns and often think it’s a shame that it so often goes unseen inside shoes.  I’m having a lot of fun recently knitting small accessory items rather than full garments, odd as I often used to think they were too much faff and love the rhythmic nature of knitting a large piece.  As I’ve said before I’m a real butterfly trying to be true to my nature and learning to embrace it.  I love how creativity helps me to keep growing and learning about myself.  When I was younger I thought I’d have all that settled by now but now I’m here I’m so glad I am still evolving.  

Wishing you a blessed, peaceful, busy, relaxed Christmas/Solstice/Holiday time however you want to think of this magical time of year 🙂