Sorry if you were thinking there’d be yet more knitted flutterbys, this week it’s my mind that’s been flitting from flower to flower. I really do have a butterfly brain and for many years felt bad about the number of ongoing projects I had. I thought I should settle down to one “passion” and concentrate on that but with 49 years under my belt I have finally come to terms with having many projects on the go and feeling happy about it. Obviously some things are faster to the finish than others, small projects are faster to do than the large ones, which I pick up and put down, but that is the beauty of being me, no matter my mood there is always something creative I want to be doing and probably have on the go. so this week I’ve ………

…done a bit of crotchet, our bed is a little over 6ft square so there’s a long way to go yet,

…bought a new toy, I love my lap (fanny) frame but for bigger pieces it just can’t take the weight of the frame, so when some free cash came into my purse this beauty was bought. It still sits on my lap, the case has a bean bag thingie in it so it stays still, but it lets me work on larger pieces without having to disappear to the kitchen to use the dining table as a place to stand my frame on,

…did some work on a cross stitch design I’ve had for ages. When I first bought this the whole mock tribal thing hadn’t really started. I guess it looks a bit cliche now but I like it and working such a sparse design is fun,

….looked out of the window. With one son, probably, left home for good I now finally have a room to dedicate to my creative loves and for treatments (I’m an aromatherapist and do occasional treatments from home). This is the view from the room I have claimed, shame I didn’t have the camera when I first looked out as there was a breeze blowing and it lifted all the fallen leaves into the air, for just a second it looked like golden snow. I love all the seasons but really love the change over times so I guess Spring and Autumn are my happiest times.