Okay so it’s Wednesday but I can plead technical error, couldn’t find the lead to connect the camera to the computer and a post with no pictures is not going to work. So my faerie has move on a little, various reasons, the hair takes an age to do and with hubby on holiday I’ve been involved with other fun. But here she is so far.

The pen is for scale

Here are her wings on their own,

These took an age to hand sew the wire onto the edges, especially since I chose too thick a wire to start with and had to unpick a whole wing!

Her first face was rather basic and a bit wobbly on the mouth so a little make over was needed and I’m happier with the face now.

I’ve also been playing with another new friend, please meet Melina

When she first came much of her face was bright pink, this picture doesn’t really show you the brightness

So this what you see in the first picture is my first attempt at new make up for her.

I also got her a new hair do, those that know me know my hair changes frequently so I thought it only fair Melina had an alternative hairdo too.

and with a new hair ornament