So as ever I started something and then got myself busy with other things. So discipline is needed I think, Tuesday is going to be blog day. I have hesitated to put things up here because they aren’t finished or perfect and I need to let go of both of those things. I have rather a butterfly brain and flit from one project to another so there could be some random things popping up but I promise to try and show a projects “Time Line”.

I love art dolls but don’t have the skill set to do some of the wonderful things I see on the Internet. Then I discovered Fiona McDonald and her knitted dolls and fell in love. Normally knitted dolls are very nursery in style but these dolls have much more potential for being finer in style. So here is my current project, a faerie and it’s no where near completed!

Body, neck and head are knitted as one piece and then stuffed. The face is done by “needle sculpting” which looks pretty rough at this stage but once I add eyes and hair it will look much better.

No not a very small thong! This becomes and ear.

Add arms and here we are so far

I promise myself I will be back next Tuesday 🙂