So there I was in the craft shop looking at key ring blanks when my mum says “you could do me a cross stitch rose to go in one of those”. Ever one to take the challenge I realised the 18 count Aida I’ve only ever done cross stitch on before would give one chunky looking rose and I’m not a fan of chunky things usually. So I did my first ever piece on evenweave. I’ve not much experience with embroidery and only a little with cross stitch so I found a fairly simple chart for a rose and made a start. I’ve had to make quite a few changes to the chart as the colour balance changed a lot as I shrank the design, I still think the top half of the rose is too pale compared to the bottom, but it was a fun exercise. My Mum was surprised and pleased as she hadn’t realised I’d taken her seriously.
By the way if you want to see some really cool needlework check out my good friend Made by mother eagle