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May 2012

working colleagues

I spent to day creating in the garden but I was not alone, I’d love to introduce you to my workmates..

Please meet Bunty, Babs and Ginger, the chickens. They were a little busy sunbathing and wouldn’t have their pictures taken if I came closer, modesty you know.

Then there was the very industrious Incy…

She did some amazing spinning work

And not forgetting Wincy who got a little hot in the sun and had to have a nice lie down in the shade



It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of bunches of cheapo supermarket chrysanths, well it I amazed me what I managed to do anyway!

The colours just don’t sing out as well, they are such a vivid yellow

a good chance to use my vintage crystal posy bowl, a charity shop find, it’s great for all those blooms I manage to knock off their stems before I even get the bunch home.

the woodland grows…. a little bit

It’s been such a sunny day today and I felt moved to take my bits and bobs out side and get crafty. Here’s the outdoor creative space I set up, just wish I could be there every day,

I was so happy all afternoon, messing about. From there I can see the beautiful old oak tree at the end of my garden, may I introduce you,

he’s the rather handsome guy on the left, please forgive the rather gawky young conifer pushing in from the right, he comes over from the neighbour’s garden but we are trying to teach him some manners.

Anyway Mr. Oak rather inspired me and Woodland bracelet 2 was born “Spring Oak”

Here it is with Mr. Oak himself, hopefully there’s some resemblance

fun with knitting

A good friend of mine is due her second baby soon, good excuse for some tiny person knitting. I have a love of vintage 50’s style carry capes from when our boys were babes. My mum had patterns for them that she had from her mum so my knitting legacy continues. Think of a lacy shawl with a hood attached and there you go. So some happy knitting later and we have this…

as modeled by the venerable Teddy Edward, he’s almost 50 and looking good, wish I could say the same.

I adore the edging on the hood, the original pattern called for the same type of yarn as the main cape but I couldn’t resist this rather kitsch fluff.

and as ever the arty shot, please indulge me in this

woodland bracelets

I grew up as a third, if not more, generation knitter and as a result there was always a large stash of buttons in the house. This has led to a bit of an addiction to buttons and beads and a stash of my own. I’ve made the odd piece of jewelry with the beads but never anything major. Well the other day I found the most beautiful acorn beads and decided to make this.

once again my lovely apple tree is making a great model.

The Acorn bead takes centre stage.

And I found these cute “hand made” tags to add to the piece.

here’s the bracelet as a whole, arty shot care of my darling hubby.

The plan is to make a series of these based on woodland colours, Spring, Summer etc and maybe go mad and try selling them!!

Wedding Gloves

These were done for the same wedding as the shawl. They come from a free pattern on the web called Bo Peep, you can see the shepherdess inspiration. They are done in a sock yarn and really added to the fifties inspired look I was going for. The tiny fingers are a pain though. Not mine! The ones on the mittens

And I just couldn’t resist these buttons.

I just love the love texture in these, fun to knit, especially when knitting in the round, never that boring wrong side row. I’ve obviously got a bit of a thing for lace knitting at the moment.

… and I use a different type of needle for a change

So there I was in the craft shop looking at key ring blanks when my mum says “you could do me a cross stitch rose to go in one of those”. Ever one to take the challenge I realised the 18 count Aida I’ve only ever done cross stitch on before would give one chunky looking rose and I’m not a fan of chunky things usually. So I did my first ever piece on evenweave. I’ve not much experience with embroidery and only a little with cross stitch so I found a fairly simple chart for a rose and made a start. I’ve had to make quite a few changes to the chart as the colour balance changed a lot as I shrank the design, I still think the top half of the rose is too pale compared to the bottom, but it was a fun exercise. My Mum was surprised and pleased as she hadn’t realised I’d taken her seriously.
By the way if you want to see some really cool needlework check out my good friend Made by mother eagle

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