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April 2012

Wedding Shawl

The Happy couple. Apparently the wedding photographer took some shots of the shawl too so very interested to see what they come out like. Now to work out how I should have done these posts so that they were all in the one post rather than several bits!


Wedding shawl

close up of the centre detail, 6ft diameter shawl starts with 9 stitches

Wedding shawl

arty shot, couldn’t resist, the lighting was lovely

Wedding shawl

close up of the edging detail, all knitted on for those in the know

Wedding shawl

Here finally are some photos of the shawl I did for my wonderful friend’s wedding. To give an idea of scale the shawl was a little over 6ft across. The pattern isn’t mine and came from a wonderful book of knitted lace patterns. I was so pleased that the sun decided to shine the day these photos were taken, makes my garden look rather like a woodland

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